How to use


1 – Place your hand between LED sensors in the dispense zone on the right of the appliance. CLEANCUT will start dispensing the paper towel.  
Note: The CLEANCut is designed to dispense the amount of paper towel you desire without limits, regardless of the perforations.
For short sheets, briefly hold your hand in the dispense zone. For longer sheets, hold your hand in the dispense zone for a longer period of time.
2 – Once the desired amount of paper has been dispensed, remove hand.
Caution: To prevent paper jams, do not try to remove the paper towel without cutting. The CLEANCut is designed to give you the perfect size sheet you need regardless of the roll’s perforation.
3 – To cut, place hand between LED sensors in the cutting zone.


1 – Pull opening latch to release the main body.
2 – Push the main body down completely until it stops to ensure it is fully opened.
Make sure pinch rollers are recessed to completely open the insertion slot.
NOTE: The CLEANCut appliance is equipped with a safety feature to prevent operation while the unit is opened.
3 – Lift dowel rod to remove from device and dispose of empty cardboard tube from previous roll (if any).
4 – Insert the dowel rod through the centre of a new paper towel roll.
NOTE: it is recommended that you place the roll into the cradle so that the paper comes up from the bottom front of the roll.
5 – Once paper towel roll is loaded into the dowel rod, place into the dowel cradle.
6 – Load end of paper sheet through paper path.
Push unit up until the opening latch clicks to securely close.